8th Annual

We want to hear about your family's baseball experiences!


I. About you...

1. Name

2. E-Mail

3. Address

4. Telephone Number

5. Did you coach your child's team in baseball last season? YesNo

6. Do you volunteer with your local league to raise money, work in the concession stand, or work on field or grounds maintenance? YesNo

7. During the season, how many days a week do you play catch with your child?

8. Would you send your child to an instructional baseball camp? YesNo

9. What's your favorite baseball camp or clinic?


10. Have you read an instructional baseball book or watched an instructional baseball videotape in the past 12 months? YesNo

11. What's your favorite baseball training aid for your child?

12. How much money do you spend per year for baseball equipment, instructional baseball camps, and group or private lessons?

13. What do you want your child to gain from playing baseball?

14. What's your opinion of T-ball? Of coach-pitch baseball?

15. What are your goals for your child's next youth baseball season?

16. Did you play baseball as a child? in high school? in the minor leagues? in the major leagues?

17. Describe your most memorable moment in youth baseball as a player, parent, or coach.

II. About your child...

1. How old is your child?

2. How many years as he/she played baseball?

3. What national youth baseball organization does your child play in?

4. How many baseball games did your child play in last season?

5. What other youth sports does your child play?

6. What position(s) does your child play?

7. Did your child play fall baseball last fall? YesNo

8. Is your child a switch hitter? YesNo

9. Has your child attended a local baseball clinic or camp? YesNo

10. Has your child attended a boarding baseball camp more than 100 miles from home? YesNo

11. Will your child take group lessons in hitting, pitching, or coaching this winter? YesNo

12. Will your child take private lessons this winter? YesNo

13. What is the best experience your child has had in the past year in youth baseball?

14. What is the single worst experience your child has had in the past year in youth baseball?

15. What is the "right" number of baseball games for your child to play in during baseball season?

16. If your child wasn't doing well in school, would you keep him/her from playing baseball? YesNo

17. Does your child want to play baseball in high school? in college? in the major leagues?

18. Is your child currently in an off-season strength and conditioning program? YesNo

19. Has your son ever attended a pro try-out camp? YesNo
If so, which one?

20. Has your son ever attended a college select camp? YesNo
If so, which one?

21. Has your son ever attended a showcase camp? YesNo
If so, which one?

22. Did your son sign to play college baseball during the early signing period in November? YesNo
If so, which college/university?

III. About your child's coach...

1. Who's the best baseball coach your child has ever had?


E-Mail Address


City State Zip

2. What most impressed you about his/her coaching?

IV. About baseball...

1. What make's youth baseball more special than other sports your child plays?

2. How would you make practices and games more fun?

3. What one thing would you do to improve youth baseball?

4. What's the biggest problem facing youth baseball today?

5. Did you take your child to a college baseball game last season? YesNo

6. Did you take your child to a professional baseball game last season? YesNo

7. How can Major League Baseball better serve youth baseball in the U.S.?

V. About Baseball Parent Magazine...

1. What articles do you like best in Baseball Parent?

2. What kinds of articles would you like to see more of?

3. Do you save back issues and refer to them again? YesNo

4. Have you ever passed an issue on to a friend or coach? YesNo

5. Does your child read Baseball Parent? YesNo


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